Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hair Scare

The One Show on BBC has received complaints regarding advice issued about at-home hair dye.

Hairstylist Michael Douglas appeared on the show to discuss hair care and maintenance during isolation, as people can longer visit their usual hair salons.

Michael said:   "If you want to cover grey hair... The stuff you buy in the supermarkets is the exact same stuff that gets used in the salons... "

The advice, however, sparked a backlash as many expressed concern about the safety of home-dye kits.

Hairdresser Fiona was "disgusted that there was no mention of patch test." 
Hairdresser Jeannette was "so shocked."
Hairdresser Sheralynne was "very disappointed."

THIS is stylist Michael Douglas.  Look closely and you will notice that he is a bald man with lots of hair.  His hair advice should be regarded with suspicion.

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