Thursday, April 2, 2020

Our Furry Friends Will Save Us.

According to the BBC: " In the past few days, the CSIRO team has inserted vaccine samples into ferrets - small, furry mammals which have been proven to contract the coronavirus in the same way humans do."

Yikes!  this is very bad for the Yorkshire ferret-leggers.  The sport is difficult enough without the added possibility of fatal lung disease.  That said, most of the practitioners are coal miners, so they may have that one covered already.

From Wikipedia:
"Edward Simpkins from the Isle of Wight set the new world record of five hours and ten minutes, although he only had one ferret in his trousers during the first four hours and two for the last seventy minutes. Simpkins sustained two large bites during his record-breaking attempt, but continued to play a game of darts undeterred."

The EU would probably insist on gum shields for the ferrets and chain-mail underpants for the contestants.  Is it any wonder that Brexit is happening?

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